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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Learn, practice and teach English and other languages in Second Life

Three weeks ago I found a few places in Second Life where you can learn, practice or teach English for free. First place where I learned to use voice in Second Life and where I started to attend free English lessons or other fun activities through which to develop our English is cypris chat.
Here, in Cypris Chat, are some rules though. First you need to use voice, and then have to be active and to join in Cypris Chat, the group chat in Second Life, to participate in lessons, activities, events.

Another great place for those who want to learn, practice, teach English este Second Life English Community. And here it is necessary to be active, to participate in classes, lessons, but everything here is lighter, fewer rules and furthermore there for future opportunity to learn, practice or teaching multi-kulti conversation, others languages, not only English.

There Second Life and other places where you can practice English in an organized manner, for money or for free, but the above are my favorites.
In all places where the practice is to learn or teach English you need to use voice. This is the most important thing, I think, you can quickly develop your ability to communicate with others in Second Life and real life of course.
If you decide to learn, to practice, or to teach English or other languages please contact me in
Second Life, and I'll try to help you measure that I have free time.

I am

Cata Charisma

in Second Life.

Cee you later

Second Life English Community
Cypris Chat - English Learning Community - Practice Speaking English in Second Life

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Practice English for free there!

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