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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tour around Berlin In 1920s

Exploring Berlin 1920s

I am sitting here and starting to read a little German text. I hope to meet some German people who can speak with me. I am looking at the blackboard and waiting for some colleagues or teachers. There you can see 16 places for pupils. After reading a German article I am watching a movie of the city 20 years ago.

I have being so happy. These shelves full of books make me feel good. A small pile of books are waiting for me in the shop window.

Now I am polishing some shoes to earn money. But here I am reading very good articles on the free evening newspaper. I am waiting for some rich people who want to polish their shoes.  My friends are going away from me if I don’t think about another job.

Me: Hello! What are you doing here?
Friend: We are preparing an exhibition. Tonight 2 pm we will have a Barocque clocks exhibition in The Gallery.
Me: What can I do here in Berlin?
Friend: Like other people told before, you can have much conversation every night at 2pm SLT in the Keller.
Me: I am going now to search Keller.

Then I am going there in Der Keller club. There I am making some friends. I am drinking beers. I am speaking with them. I am dancing and I am hearing some nice conversations. I am going often there. There I am seeing the draw walls like in the 1920s.I am sitting at the bar and drank a beer. The atmosphere was very relaxed around us because of early music.

Me: Hello everyone!
Friend: Hello Herr Charisma!
Me: Bier!
Message: Free drinks: Attention! A man is buying everyone a drink!
Me: Oh thanks for the free drink!
Me: Hello people, nice to meet you.
Friend: You make me anxious standing around.
Message: Radio Berlin: Now playing: Amor De Gaucho tango - Orquesta Internacional (1928)
Me: I like music here!
Friend: The music here is great isn't it?
Friend: Dance with me, Cata?
Me: Sure, thank you.
Friend: Most people spend much time here in the Keller. The name of the club is Der Keller. But come here at 2 pm and lots of people will be here. It is very busy during happy hour.

Summary report
I am walking through Berlin in 1920 and I found very interesting things: school, football, theater room, shops, library, and club. The school German lessons are free and at the club have music in the 1920s. It is a very relaxing music.

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