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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Get paid to read articles!

Looking for online job or activity I found this website. I am really happy because I can read articles and I can earn money for that. It is amazing for me. It is useful because I practice English and I can learn about very interesting things. I can choose my tips of interests and I will receive very good articles about them. In plus I can rate these articles, it is really fun. More fun it is when I see that I can even make some money reading articles. That it is really cool! You too can do it if you join at this website. So, I wish for you to have fun and learn interesting things. You will be paid for that! It is great!

Just click here and start:
Get paid to read articles

p.s. August 27, 2011

Now after awhile I am sure that there is no money. You can join to read for practicing English if you want. First I was able to read 15 articles by day. Now after few months I joined everyday and I don’t received any article to rate for paying. I don’t delete this post because there you can find nice articles about more interest. Don’t think about money from them.

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