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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea

On my trips in Second Life, I have looked for places where I can practice, learn or listen to English. On my first place, I met friend who recommended Hotel Chelsea, so I went there. On my first entry it was an empty place. I thought people went there to do nothing. I saw a table of events and started a short visit at this hotel.

I found large corridors like in real hotels. If you go there, you will see nice paintings on the walls. There are six floors. You can use the stairs or the elevator to go up to the next floor.

I decided to wake up early in the next morning, at 2 EET or 5 pm Second Life Time or Pacific Time to see how events ran there. You can go to Hotel Chelsea to listen to singers on live concerts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 3 to 5 am EET or 5 to 7 pm Second Life Time.

My favorite activity there is on Wednesday: Literary Activity, from 4 to 6 a.m. EET or 6 to 8 p.m. Second Life Time. There a lot of good people and you can make new friends there. I go there often.

One day I went to a Rez Party. It was strange for me at first. “What is Rez Party?” I wondered. I searched the person who organized the party and I read her profile. Then I understood that Rez Party means “birthday” in Second Life. It was a great party. I could listen to a great performer sing with his guitar live. I remember his name: Obeloinkment. Now I think about us. Each of us have our Rez Party. It is a great idea. We can organize it even here in Hotel Chelsea.

I love to read and listen to in English. Everyday I read useful articles and I discover new ideas about how to do a lot of things or about life. It’s very nice to listen to live music and between songs I can listen to comments in spoken English at Hotel Chelsea. It’s like stopping between paragraphs and speaking a little when we have reading time. Right now, I am writing this article with music from Hotel Chelsea in the background. I hear nise guitar sounds. Now at 4 a.m., in the night, early morning it is just me and the sounds of guitar. It’s great!

I’ve listened to singer like: Nonge Shipman, Eric Steffensen, David Csizer, Obeloinkment and a very nice singer, dann.numbers who has even live stream.  I saw him, Dann Russo,  in real life singing in front of the web cam. I am sure that listening to English songs can be another great method to improve English. Now I thinking if I could sing. I have an old guitar. Maybe I will use it. There is strong support for live music in Hotel Chelsea.

Now I am really happy. I see Dann Russo  singing live on his webcam. He sings, speaks, makes breaks and drinks coffee or something like that. It is very funny to see real people and their avatars singing at the same time. You can contact him on facebook or twiter to speak with him directly. I think if he can teach others to sing by stream and/or webcam. That could be a great method of teaching English.

Between songs and chats you can make some new good friends there. You can read messages like this on local chat: DO YOU KNOW WE HAVE ROOMS FOR RENT? I’M ENOLA VAHER FOR MORE INFORMATION OR JUST LOOK AROUND. There you can rent your own room in Second Life. Prices are between 200 to 400 L$ per week. On my little trip between rooms I have seen Madonna’s, Bob Dylan’s. There are a lot.

I think there will be an exhibition with some paintings. I saw that message there: HEY ART EXHIBITION IN GALLERY 23 FOR JANUARY/FEBRUARY. CHECK IT OUT JUST NEXT DOOR TO THE HOTEL. There I saw one place like a reception on real Hotel Chelsea.

In my little visit I have seen paintings on the walls on each floor, by stairs or elevator. And I saw a very nice place where people can have parties on the sixth floor. There I saw Rez Party.

I don’t know why I like to speak at the end of my article about my favorite activity there. Now I want to tell you that I was there, in Hotel Chelsea in my frist literary activity in Second Life.
You know that I love to read. I read anything to improve my English. Here you can listen to literature, poetry. That’s great. I hope to write my own book in the future to read from it in Reading Circles. How many years will I need for that? I met a very nice book writer: Cinnamon Zemenis in my first lierature meeting in Second Life.  She even has some books on Amazon to sale. I will be glad to hear about somebody who has read reading from her books.

Befor I finish this article, I want to show you Hotel Chelsea – blog. There you can read more about it.

I hope you have nice, musical, literary, friendly moments there. Together we can discover new great things.

One of my teachers said once:
“Cata. Hotel Chelsea is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Will send Youtube link of Nabokov reading by email.”

I am really glad to hear that.

Thanks for being part of the Hotel Chelsea experience!

See you,

You can listen or download here:

Others live singers:

Jed Luckless: Web site and Stream
Djaeux (djeaux.farrasco) : Google Calendar
strum Diesel (strum.diesel): MySpace  Google Calendar

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Hotel Chelsea Happy Rez Day Perkey!1_001
Hotel Chelsea Literary Activity_001


  1. nice article, Cata :-) Keep blogging! This is my other blog, about teaching and learning, including second life in education. Wow.. Romania, warm regard from Indonesia :-)

  2. Thank you Anna. I will follow you, too. See you soon!


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