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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it important to learn English grammar? Please explain why?

Hi everyone!

First I thought that grammar isn’t important. I started to translate, read and speak without any grammar rules. Now I’m really happy that I can speak, I can read and even I can write a little. I was convinced that we don’t need any grammar.

I was in an interview for a job in a company. There I need to have a conversation with potential customer, to translate a very elaborate business text, presentation for the product and, finally, I needed to pass a grammar text. It was impossible for me to translate and to pass grammar test. I pass only 30 percent.

These facts prove me that we need to know grammar if we want to do something serious, to speak with English teachers or with business people, scientific, to write a professional article, book and so on.

Finally, grammar is very important if you want to know English. When you want that opposite part to understand you, to understand exactly what you want to say.

I love to educate myself. For grammar I don’t know to organize my studies. I look for somebody who can help me to organize my own grammar studies or even to practice together grammar, idioms, writing English and so on.

Finally, grammar is very important if you want to have something serious with English. Is not important if you just want to say something even that sometimes people don’t understand you exact the meaning.

I want to speak with you more about English. I love it.
See you soon!

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