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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyone can read anything

Yesterday I received a comments about how I started to read and about my reading advices. I’ll try to explain my points of view.

“not everyone should just read anything”

If you want to feel what you read you need to search for it. A simple description about it is not enough. It’s like a book with a very nice cover. I can see there a very useful title and cover but inside a bad content. If you want to discover the truth you need to read more. All of us are in a big hurry, everyday. We need to take a break, to feel the words and phrases, not to analyze it. If you want to have fun with a new language you need to feel the words, the phrases and so on. At first, when you start to read a book, you don’t know what is inside. This is reason because I thought is better for you to read anything, then, in time, you can feel which text, book is really for you. You can choose your way after that, then you can be focused only on your way.
I have no way yet. I’ll search more, more, and more.

“read for meaning first in order to develop vocabulary”

To be honest I don’t care to much about meaning the word, I try to feel the words when I read or I listen to somebody reading.  Each word have something on it. I don’t know how improve my vocabulary but day by day I can tell you more in English. The meaning of the words come automatic, they are absorbed in my mind without any effort to understand them. Sometime I am curious about the meaning if there is no sense for me. You have right to look for meaning. I have no time when I read.

You can write down on piece of paper before and after reading time, new words and expression and look for the meaning. There are a lot of online resources to do that. Certainly you can ask your teacher if you have one.

“read for inferences next, to syntesize meaning and develop opinions and ideas based on what you read”

Could be great on written English or in a debate about something. I think reading time will be good for feeling. In reading time we need to feel the text, the action, to be there, alive. After reading,  the action, the feeling of the text is go on. We can talk about it, but never will be like in a live moments, like in first reading on in.  We can understand better what happened there but life is go on, there will be only description on it, explanations, understanding, but no feeling. First impression is go on.

“this last post point is what we practice in the reading circles”

I remember times when you laugh a lot. There was not any explanations, any description about the meaning of the text. Was just your feeling, was a very nice moments. We can feel happy, sad, bored, that we are with somebody there. Try to remember the moments when you really feel the play, the action and so on. We are social beings, we need to communicate with each other between words. The truth is somewhere between words.

From this last post I discover that reading with voice, like a song, like a music, can be very relaxing time. We can help each other reading together, is like a therapy, not like a study a language.

I try to listen to you not to understand you. There is hard to explain. I have no words for that even in my language.

Hope that you can understand better after this explanation. The truth is that I have more, more and more to read, to listen, to understand and I can’t stop in a single way to read, to listen, to ask you.

Somebody said to me “Why you don’t ask nothing?”…

Because I just want to listen to you. To feel what you want not what I want. I want to understand you, not the words. Strange. Isn’t it ? …

See you, soon!

p.s. you can listen to me there:

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  1. I like what I am hearing you say. I do not see anything about the inputs for natural and complete communicating for understanding. It would seem to me that recording yourself with video would be more in tune with you premis. Then one would have all of the visual clues e.g. facial expressions and body language.

    Thruthfully, I think written communication is a poor susbstitute for face-to-face sharing. Without being verbose one need to carefully evaluate the missing clues for effective communicating. I am intrigued by the use of emoticoms in written communications.


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