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I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change lives by teaching a language

If you look for the best way to learn English you have now a new door in front of you. I believe the best way to learn English is to teach English. Now if you are already an English teacher you can be after this door giving a help hand to learners.Now I discovered that to teach is not only a way to live. It is same time a commitment.

How about teaching and have a commitment for free? Why we need to have this? Yesterday I found one good answer for that. You can change lives like an English teacher. I believe it is a big commitment and same time is the best result which a teacher can receive.Your life is first life which will be changed like an English teacher. 

Are you ready to knock knock at this door ? From which part ? Like a teacher or like a student ? To be honest for myself is great now because it is an open door. Now I can be a teacher and a student too. You too can do both even you are an intermediate English student. Everyone can learn or teach for free on this great virtual place: Cypris Chat.

What is Cypris Chat? First I thought it is like any place in Second Life. In time I discovered there a team, a family who works hard to have that commitment: to teach English, to offer a free opportunity to practice like a teacher or to learn like a student. 

Now from yesterday I am host there. The door is open now for me from both directions. I can be a teacher there and I can be a student too. Now I have a very good feeling and I want to thank to them for that. Something in a good way changed on my path like an English teacher. If you want to feel that I believe you must spent few months teaching English there. That mean you can teach English for one hour by week like a commitment. You can go there to have your own English class and try your own way to teach. Be sure that anytime there you can find students and make them friends. 

For example I love to read with voice online. I have a Reading Practice class like an intermediate English student. I made it to offer someone the opportunity to read with voice in group, to listen to others, to improve pronunciation, listening, reading skills. Between readings we can talk about anything. That build friendships in time. In time you can became a member of Cypris Chat family and you’ll have very good feelings. I believe that is important for our lives. We can change something over the world in good ways.

If you think that I am right you can knock knock to this door to see what happen there, to talk with people there, to spent few time there between them. Writting about that can’t be same like when you go there to talk with people. If you want to join on this family I believe the best way is to go there to talk with people. If you are just curious I believe is not enough. Will be great for you to spent few hours there on English activities with great teachers.Try to discover when will be there English activities and to be there to see what happen.

How to do that? First you need to have Second Life avatar from there: How to join on Second Life. Then try to learn a little about basic knowledge on Second Life, how to use it, read system-requirements. Then just teleport on Cypris Chat place. There on welcome area you can read basic information about group.Try to discover Cypris Chat Calendar. I hope to see you too on this calendar.

On my blog you can discover Cypris’s activities on Google Calendar. On it you can see when will be there English activities. More information you can find on Cypris Chat webpage. After awhile you can became a host there with more rights and you will be able to open the Cypris Chat’s home door.On the next picture you can see one lovely recognition for my time spent there. This picture gave me a good reason to study, to learn more about English. Now I am more focused to study about English, to became an English teacher.You can have same.

Good luck with your English!

Hope to talk to you soon!

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