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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
Be good,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading practice using online voice

Hi, everyone!
Do you like to read books? How about reading in voice? I believe reading in voice in very small groups or even one on one it is a very good way to improve English, knowledge, so on.
I use to read a lot opening online eBooks, websites, texts, so on. Between paragraphs we can stop and start a discussion about anything. I saw many times people who want to talk online and in very short time they have no topics. After a few questions about introducing themselves they don't have topics. Then they will  stop and stay quiet because the don't know what to say.
Reading from a book they can find new ideas, new questions so on. All the time I ask to my "students" to choose their favorite books. The main reason is that I want from them to feel good, to really enjoy to the content of the book. I use for that in special free-ebooks.net website. I believe from there they can have a good new writen English. This website is very well organized and you can choose a book from any domain. For example I prefer books from self-improvement domain.
I think beginners and very beginners have to listen to a lot of English. I offer to them reading practice times because in this way they can practice listen to English. Same time if there is a small group or one on one participants can talk, read, ask.
My favorite place for that is Second Life and in special there I have two favorite places: Cypris Chat Reading Circle and Virtlantis. You can follow them by facebook.
There you can see their websites: Cyprischat.org and Virtlantis. 
These two communities are with people who study, practice, teach English for free. All the time they look for volunteer to teach there, to start activities. One of the main idea is to cover 24/24 7 days. I believe will be possible soon. On my blog : http://catacharisma.blogspot.com you can see at the right side a google calendar with main language activities. There you can see the place and the time where and when you can join to these activities.
Using Second Life is not so easy because you have to learn a little, few days, basic features, and how to use it. Then an important point are requirements. If you want to join on Second Life I believe first you have to read system requirements.
I believe for many people having an avatar will be more easy to use than a webcam. They can increase their confidence very fast using an avatar. On this way they will be not shy at the begin. In time they will have more courage to talk, to speak, to read, to know people. I saw so many beginners and very beginners telling that they don't know English, that they have to study a lot, but they already know something and are shy to use their very young English. I believe offering to them a chance to listen to others reading, trying to pronounce, to speak will give them more courage and confidence. When they will see more "students" practicing and being like them, beginners, learners they will have more courage.
I am to new in using English. I believe I am at intermediate 2 level and my grammar is little down now, but I have a lot of motivation, pleasure and ambition to use English, to practice, to teach it. I believe in few years I will be able to teach. This is other reason I prefer to use reading. There I am pretty sure that is a good english.
Right now I am looking for any kind of online activity which can provide me something to survive and same time an oportunity to help others, to teach, to practice, to work in teams.
Thank you all for reading my beginners English post and I hope in few years to improve enough my English to help teachers, schools, companies, so on.
With friendship, Cata

There you can listen to me:
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p.s. there you can see my favorite place in Second Life:


  1. Nice blog cata. Placing your dropbox link on a seperate line with the mp3 file attached should embed the mp3 player on your page so the listener does not have to leave the page.

  2. Hi, Carl. I've tried to put how you said before. Doesn't work. Will be nice to embed the mp3 player. Thank you.

  3. Hello cata!

    How are you? you have an interesting blog. I agree with you that reading is good for beginners and it makes good for all of us.

  4. Hello Jarno, yes it is true. Beginners and very beginners have to use, my opinion, audio files like on my article about Joseph Murhpy's book. There people can read and listen same time. If you will do that more times for sure you can understand better the pronunciation and you'll be able to read too same text. There is only on secret: practice, practice and.. for sure: practice.


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