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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A good way to improve fast your English skills

If there, around you, people don't speak English anymore and you have a good internet connection I believe Second Life is the best solution. One of the reasons why I believe that is you can practice 24/7. I told to many people I have learned English in 3 weeks. What that mean? It's impossible. You are right. It is not. How about spending 14 to 20 hours by day in an English environment talking, chatting, listening only English? I believe it is possible. There, over the world, you can't find any English teacher who can spend with you more than 2 hours /day. Using Second Life you can do that. 

Now, if you will join in Second Life without any guidance, because you are a very smart guy, you will discover some strange things about Second Life and you'll say, "That's not for me", "It's a game", "I don't like games", so on. Now I can make a comparison between you and a very little baby who goes on the street and see real life. "I want back to mammy". And mammy will teach you how to survive. 

Before you will make a point of view about Second Life try to learn a little how to use it from help menu, read a little about destination guide, and about English, have a look at Cypris Chat and Virtlantis places. If you have not enough free time, pay attention to the schedule and come on English activities. There on the right side of my blog you can see a combined Google calendar. I've put there together Cypris Chat and Virtlantis Google calendar. You can see when to come joining at English activities.

See you soon!

Maybe this presentation will help more than my ideas: 


  1. cea mai buna cale e sa te uiti la foarte multe video-uri, pt mine stimularea asta e mult mai buna decat cea a cartilor cand vine vorba de limbi straine..

  2. Vanessa: "The best way is watching at very many videos, for me this stimulation is better than reading books talking about foreign languages."

    Thank Vanessa. You are right. From intermediate to advanced level I believe is a very good way to watch more videos. But for beginners and very beginners text with audio file is very good. They can use a translator to learn from texts. From videos will be little hard to translate. I speak about very beginners and beginners. I like to help them starting to study English.


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