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I'm trying to re find myself in real, to exit from my comfort zone, to find real people who can meet me face to face. I feel online community has something is not complete. I finished to read outloud, my voice is in danger. I have to use it carrefully and very few.
Maybe I'll write something.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Frontiers in Aging: An Online Program for Whole Brain Health

New Frontiers in Aging: How to Use Virtual Worlds for Lifelong Brain Health

The purpose of this self-paced course is to introduce learners to an evidence-based, multi-faceted approach to brain training in a 3-D virtual environment available through most computers.
Although this course is especially valuable for people over age 50 whose goals are to stave off dementia and continue functioning at a high level in daily life, it is also beneficial for people of all ages who are interested in being proactive about brain health.
It is designed to accommodate newcomers to virtual worlds but is also relevant for experienced users interested in brain fitness training.

Welcome to our interactive build featuring Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.


Gardner’s theory is based on what he calls our brain’s “computing power.” Most of us are naturally drawn to certain kinds of activities or careers because we have “think-ability” or talent in those areas.
Gardner says that we can have high brainpower in more than one area – but a single type of intelligence is still likely to be somewhat stronger than the rest. He also says we all need to cultivate the highest level of intrapersonal (inward-focused) intelligence possible for us, in order to live well in the world today.

Gardner divides the different types of brain powers into 8 categories:
1.    Interpersonal (Social) Intelligence
2.    Kinesthetic (Body-based) Intelligence
3.    Visual/Spatial Intelligence
4.    Naturalistic (Nature-focused) Intelligence
5.    Literary/Linguistic Intelligence
6.    Intrapersonal (Inward-focused) Intelligence
7.    Musical Intelligence
8.    Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

You will try few activities in each of the 8 areas to identify your strongest affinities. Maybe you will answer to yourself which areas are you most attracted and/or which frustrate you fastest.
You will use the Learning Management System, Moodle, from Rockcliffe’s Conquester Moodle.

Rockcliffe University Consortium

Register and Enter Second Life

You will move between Moodle and Second Life.

Hint: You can minimize this Moodle page when you need to maximize the Second Life page, going back and forth between webpages that way.

A simple registration process:

If you are a newcomer to virtual worlds and/or Second Life, your first task is to register as a user at this url:


On the webpage, scroll down to the Join Now button on the right. Click on it to follow the instructions to set up a Free User Account..

If you are already a member of Second Life, you will need to create a new User Account and new avatar just for this course. Since the majority of newcomers to SL download the Second Life Viewer when they register, the posters in our self-guided Orientation Center show information using that viewer.

Here are some suggestions to make the registration process easier:

    When you are asked to choose an avatar, select a "Classic Avatar" from the webpage in front of you rather than looking at those on other pages. Course instructions refer to Classic Avatar only.

  Your User Name will always float above your avatar's head and identify it to others, so do NOT use your real name for this course. A User Name cannot have spaces between words: that's why my User Name for this course is LissenaWisdomseeker Resident. (Resident is the generic surname tacked on by Linden Labs these days.)

    Treat your User Name and Password like other identifying information you use online. Keep a record of them somewhere safe. You may want to set up a gmail email account just for SL. By default, Instant Messages and other notifications will be sent to the email address you give Linden Labs when you are not inworld.

  Follow directions to download the Second Life Viewer. Your User Name and Password should automatically appear on the Login Page. It will automatically be saved there.

   In the Location Box, delete anything there and type in INSPIRATION ISLAND.

When you click on Login, your avatar will come directly to the landing point at the center of our sim.
It's a great place to explore. The programs and interactive activities apply research that is designed to give you a high quality of life at any age.

The group:


founder: Wisdomseeker (lissena)

Inspiration Island is home of the Ageless Mind Project, which includes Whole Brain Health, and the Community of Creative Elders groups. Group notices keep you informed of all our acitivities and programs--we send out a weekly schedule--plus those of selected friends. For permission to send out notices through this group, contact Lissena.  Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VirtualInspirationIsland

In my opinion I feel better exploring Literary/Linguistic Intelligence. For example you can pick up a book, a website, a text and we can sit in a library in Second Life. This image or us sitting there it is for me really relaxing. I hope you too can feel same during a reading out loud session. I would try be there in between 2 am to 4 am Second Life Time (PDT).

There is the right place where we can meet each other:

Literary Station:

Often I think to find a night owl or an early bird, smiles.

I look forward to meeting you in SL.  
Cata Charisma

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